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Blog Tour: Sarina, Sweetheart by Megan Carney

Sarina, Sweetheart by Megan Carney 
Publication date: March 5th 2015 
Genres: New Adult, Science Fiction


Her name is Sarina Wocek. Her breath is poison. She was not born out of love.

Twenty-three years ago, government officials traced the budding epidemic of hemorrhagic fever HF186-2A in south Florida to the Wocek family and their adorable six-week-old daughter, Sarina. Her father, Gregory, admitted his role in genetically engineering a biological weapon with pride. She was taken to a lab hidden in a rural area of New Hampshire. She hasn’t left since.

Her government keepers could cure her, but they won’t. Genetically engineering a child to be a weapon of mass destruction, that’s unethical. Refining a weapon of mass destruction that someone else created? That’s just being clever.

After twenty-three years of captivity, she escapes. She crosses an ocean to put her father and the lab behind her, but it’s not enough. When she sees the first bleeding sore, she knows she didn’t leave the virus behind either.

The only way she’ll be free is by destroying every trace of the lab. She only has one advantage; she doesn’t care if she makes it out alive.

Purchase:   Amazon


      The loudspeakers crackle to life.   “Attention, all personnel. This is scenario three. Assume the sprinklers have failed and the RIC is inoperable. Proceed according to the manual. Non-compliant personnel will be disciplined.”
      RIC refers to respiratory isolation chamber. It’s a plexiglass rectangle just big enough for me to lie down, equipped with an advanced breathing system. The tangle of pumps, tubes, and tanks pulls in air from outside the coffin, then stores and recirculates every exhalation. The batteries will last for eight hours. If I’m not at the auxiliary lab by then, they will let me suffocate. If the RIC is inoperable, they leave me to burn alive.
      I get my earplugs out of a drawer to dull the sound of the alarm.
      The walls of my cage are transparent. I watch the luckier ones make their escape as I sit at my desk. I know the scientists by their clothes; they are all civilians. My guards are all soldiers. They wear fatigues, as if this were a military base. Which I guess it is, in a way.
      The head psychologist, the one I meet with weekly, sees me watching the spectacle and looks annoyed.    We’ll talk about it in our next session, I’m sure. He’s often told me that I should use the distractions available to me to get through fire drills. I think that would make him feel better.


Megan Carney is an author, geek and amateur photographer living in the Twin Cities. She has ten years of experience in the field of computer security. Her previous short story publications include: ‘Flighty Youth’ in the Raritan, ‘Modern Mayhem’ in the Wayfarer, ‘Swing By Close’ in the Wayfarer, ‘Directions’ in the Bell Tower. ‘Swing By Close’ and ‘Directions’ both won first prize in the fiction sections of that issue. The Christian Science Monitor dubbed her self-published photography book, ‘Signs of My Cities’ as having “youthful zest.”  

Her non-literary creations include: a robot to clean the bathroom tub, Zim and Gir costumes, No-Dig tomato stakes, StickFriend the bear bag hanger, and a burning coal costume so she could be Katniss for a night.

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Release Day Blast: Darkness Brutal by Rachel A. Marks

The Dark Cycle, Book 1
Author: Rachel A. Marks
Release Date: July 1st, 2015
Publisher:  Skyscape

Aidan O’Linn’s childhood ended the night he saw a demon kill his mother and mark his sister, Ava, with Darkness. Since then, every three years the demons have returned to try to claim her. Living in the gritty, forgotten corners of Los Angeles, Aidan has managed to protect his sister, but he knows that even his powers to fight demons and speak dead languages won’t keep her safe for much longer.
In desperation, Aidan seeks out the help of Sid, the enigmatic leader of a group of teens who run LA Paranormal, an Internet reality show that fights demons and ghosts. In their company, Aidan believes he’s finally found a haven for Ava. But when he meets Kara, a broken girl who can spin a hypnotic web of passionate energy, he awakens powers he didn’t know he had―and unleashes a new era of war between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness.
With the fate of humanity in his hands, can Aidan keep the Darkness at bay and accept his brilliant, terrifying destiny?
BOOK LINKS:   Amazon

Rachel A. Marks is a writer and artist, a surfer and dirt-bike rider, chocolate lover and keeper of faerie secrets. Her four kids and amazing hubby put up with her nerdiness with tremendous grace, even when she makes them watch Buffy or Smallville re-runs for days on end. She was voted: Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse, but hopes she'll never have to test the theory.

Check out for a sample chapter!
Check out
@RachelAnneMarks to chat with the author!

Winner will get $25 Amazon gift card, $10 Starbucks card, and 2 8x10 pieces of author Rachel A. Marks artwork, winner's choice.
(Open to US only | Must be 13+ To Enter)
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Book Blitz: Beneath the Cape: The Superhero Anthology

Beneath the Cape: The Superhero Anthology by Angela McPherson, Cheryl McIntyre, Christine Zolendz, D. Nichole King, Laura Thalassa, Lynn Vroman, Megan Vernon, and Sunniva Dee
Created with the sole purpose of benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.
Publication date: July 1st, 2015.
Only available through September 30th.
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Superheroes, Military, Anthologies


Superheroes. Save the world and protect mankind.

But what’s beneath the cape? Behind the mask? Under the steel-plated façade?

Eight bestselling New Adult romance authors have come together to bring you seven stories about superheroes and what it takes to win their hearts. From the skies, to the cities, to the ocean, our superheroes face death, fight villains, conquer evil and—

Find love.

The world is full of heroes. Every-day men and women who risk their lives for the sake of others—for life, liberty, freedom, and justice. Often these men and women are wounded—physically or mentally—in the line of duty. Therefore, we have created this anthology with the sole purpose of benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project.

Because heroes should never be forgotten.

The stories:

Reaping Angels by Laura Thalassa:
The Executioner’s touch can kill.
Angel’s can heal.
A villain and a hero. One who stood for death, and the other for life. Mortal enemies until the impossible happened. 
A touch. 
A kiss. 
And now, a manhunt.

Cat Love by Sunniva Dee:
A sexy thriller about the animal in all of us. 
Aidan uses his superpower to stabilize minds at the Hollyreed Specialist Hospital. Ulani uses hers to chase rats on rooftops. Until she’s caught and deposited in Aidan’s care. 
At the hospital, Aidan finds Ulani's room empty—save for a cat, whose fur retracts in favor of silky skin and a vamp-gorgeous femme fatale. 
Aidan’s obsession with Ulani grows, while patients go missing.
Making the couple use their powers to bring criminals to justice.

Gypsy Love by Angela McPherson & Lynn Vroman:
For two hundred years, Adrian vowed to seek revenge against the Gypsy woman who bound his spirit for eternity. 
Until her.
The one man Mia wants only exists in dreams. 
Until he doesn’t. 
The curse may be broken, but not without a price. 
One love must end for another to begin.

The Only Difference by Magan Vernon:
The Only Difference between a hero and a villain is what they do with their power. 
Leonel "Short Stack" Garcia-Shapiro's life changed the night he decided to stop one of his fraternity brothers from taking advantage of a girl. Now he can't stop thinking of that girl and how he can save her.

Heroes by Christine Zolendz:
Kelly Black can’t believe she’ll be the new teaching assistant to Alexander Masters. The Alexander Masters—the head of the entire biology department. As soon as they begin to work together sparks fly and danger swirls around them.

Breaking Through by D. Nichole King:
Two years after her brother Nate died during a Navy operation, aquator Nautia Olson’s nightmares began, and her ability to manipulate water became erratic. Anger, fear, joy, desire—they all trigger disaster.
Now, the Navy wants her for a top-secret mission, but Captain Riley Barton has his reservations. He’s read her file. He knows the damage she’s capable of, and yet—
If he can harness her ability—break through her walls—
She’ll be unstoppable.

Villain by Cheryl McIntyre:
How can you tell a hero from a villain?
If you’re Ember Willis and the villain is Lanely Frost, you can’t.
How can you tell a superhero from a delusional young woman?
If you’re Lanely Frost and the woman is Ember Willis, you don’t care.
For both, finding the balance between right and wrong and love and lust are not the only battles they’ll face.

Purchase Links:   Amazon US   |   Amazon UK   |   Amazon CA   |   Amazon AU

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Blog Tour: Fearless by Annie Jocoby

Fearless by Annie Jocoby 
(Fearless #1) 
Publication date: July 15th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance



*Warning* Strong language and sexual situations. Ends in MAJOR cliffhanger. Not for the faint of heart. 

Beautiful heiress Dalilah Gallagher, a former child art prodigy, has lost her way. Harsh criticism in her formative years has left her floundering and without the artistic voice that once centered her life. Now, at the age of 20, she has spent the last nine years trying to reclaim what she lost.

Her struggles lead her to the nude-modeling world in New York City, where she hopes she will find her passion for art again. What she finds is surprising: Her artistic voice isn’t gone, merely misplaced.

Luke Roberts has a different problem. Raised by a solid, working-class fisherman in Maine, Luke is a gifted artist struggling to get a foothold in the busy New York City art scene. His gifts attract the attention of a wealthy benefactor, Blake Nottingham, who finds himself fascinated with Dalilah. Nottingham commissions Luke to provide him with a piece of art: A painting of Dalilah.

As the two young artists fall in love, Dalilah finds her artistic voice once more, so she’ll do anything to help Luke find the prominence he deserves. This leads to a dangerous game of deceit that puts Dalilah in Nottingham’s clutches when she tries to manipulate him into helping Luke.

Nottingham isn’t easily manipulated, though, and things go seriously awry for Dalilah. What happens when the manipulated becomes the manipulator?

This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance. Age groups are 18+. It has some sexually explicit scenes.

Purchase:   Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble


      I felt excited as I realized that Dalilah was definitely feeling something for me. It was in her words and in her body language.   She wanted me as much as I wanted her. That much was perfectly clear.
      But it just wasn’t as simple as all of that. I wished that it would be. But it wasn’t. I couldn’t give her what she needed. At that moment, I just wasn’t able to give any woman what she would need. I wasn’t established. Dalilah deserved somebody who could monetarily afford to treat her like the platinum that she was. Yeah, Nottingham was allegedly going to be giving me $5000, but the contract stipulated that it was to be paid after the project was over. I had just noticed that the other day when I was reading the fine print. So, in the meantime, I was broke.
      And Dalilah was like a bottle of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, which was recognized as the finest wine in the world. She was unique, rare and well out of my league. That I was increasingly feeling that I was falling for her, and I was feeling that more and more, every time I saw her, was a non-factor. I simply couldn’t have someone like her, and that was that.   As frustrating as that was.
      I doodled on the napkin in front of me, and then, just like that, song lyrics started pouring out of my head. That wasn’t something that usually happened for me, because inspiration for my lyrics constantly eluded me. But being up there with Dalilah - feeling her warmth, seeing her extraordinary beauty, and sensing her even-more-extraordinary intelligence – somehow did inspire me as nothing else ever had.
      So, for the next hour, the lyrics poured out of me. What came out was a sappy love song like the kind that I used to make fun of when I heard it on the radio. With the exception of The Beatles Something of course – there was no arguing with that classic. But, usually, when I heard a love song, I rolled my eyes.   Because there wasn’t such a thing as the kind of pure love that these songs conveyed.
      Or so I thought. But I was increasingly seeing a glimpse, but just a glimpse, of what these songs were talking about when I looked into Dalilah’s eyes.
      I finally decided to walk to the subway station, which was a few blocks away from her apartment, around 3 AM. I did have a double-shift at the bar the next day, which was going to kill me, I knew. I was going to be dead-tired. And Dalilah would be coming to my studio at 8 AM, too. For that, I knew that I would be wide awake.
      I tried very hard to tamp down the feeling of absolute excitement that was bubbling up as I anticipated seeing her again in just a few more hours. For she was still untouchable to me in so many ways. I was amazed that I had the nerve to kiss her, but, then again, that was how I was feeling about her. I couldn’t not kiss her. I couldn’t not fantasize about making love to her. I had such an absolute passion for her that touching her and kissing her almost seemed like it was second nature to me.
      But my brain said that what had happened up there with her – the kisses – was going to be as far as it ever could go. She was my muse, of that I was sure. She inspired me to write a rather kick-ass love song, if I do say so myself, and she also inspired my art. I was finding myself increasingly incorporating her, in some way, in everything that I was composing, even if it was as an abstraction of some sort. Like I would be painting a picture of people in a café, and there she was, popping up at one of the tables. Or I was doodling a sketch of a busy city street, and Dalilah was there in the crowd.
      And, of course, there was the portrait of Dalilah that I was creating for that wealthy bastard, a portrait that I was suddenly feeling proprietary over. Which was a dangerous way for me to feel, because I didn’t own this portrait.   Nottingham did. I was just the instrumentality for getting the portrait done. Just the same, the entire project was turning into one that was a passion project for me, moreso than anything else had ever been.   How I wished that I could keep it for myself after it was finished!
      Yes, she was my muse. And she might always be, even in the near future when I would inevitably be forced to jettison my art and make it just a hobby, while I found a “real” job that would pay the bills. She was my muse, but she could never be my lover. I hated to think that I just wasn’t worthy of her, but that was what went through my head.
      I might have been falling in love with her, but I still couldn’t imagine being with her.
      Nonetheless, I looked forward to seeing her again with breathless anticipation.


Annie Jocoby is the author of 8 contemporary romance novels and 3 New Adult contemporary romance novels. Her motivation to begin writing these novels is that she was interested in writing about rich men who actually love and respect their women. Her heroes are alpha and damaged, yet also genuinely good guys.  

Ryan, Nick, Luke and Asher are all complicated characters who have experienced plenty of darkness, yet always seek the light. They would all go to the ends of the earth to protect the women they love. And they’re all sexy, enigmatic, magnetic and great in bed. 

All of Annie’s books have things in common: they all combine a touch of mystery and intrigue with drama, love, and lots of hot sex. Some of the books have action and even some criminal elements in them. Her current book, in fact, is her first book that would be classified as straight romantic suspense, although it also combines definite elements of the thriller genre! If you’re in the market for a book that is fast-paced, where the heroes are beautiful and wealthy, and the heroines are strong, vulnerable and flawed, then try these books out!

Author links:   Website   |   Goodreads   |   Facebook

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Book Blitz: Neighbors with Benefits by Marissa Clarke

Neighbors with Benefits by Marissa Clarke 
Published by: Entangled: Lovestruck
Publication date: June 30th 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


A satisfying category romance from Entangled’s new Lovestruck imprint…

Love thy sexy jerk of a neighbor…

CEO Michael Anderson might be something of a “control freak.” Still, he’s not quite sure why his therapist thinks dogsitting will fix anything—especially since he and the canine share a kind of mutual loathing. And to make matters worse, a house sitter moves in next door disrupting his peace—and his dates—with the worst possible music at the worst possible time… every time.

Free-spirited artist Mia Argaropolis has settled into the perfect gig—housesitting in NYC’s Upper West Side while working as an art therapist. Too bad she’s stuck living next door to a bossy control freak with a penchant for calling building security when she blasts music to drown out the noises coming through his bedroom wall.

Post-apocalyptic dinner rolls that nearly take her kitchen with them, a douchebag ex, and a Shih Tzu with the personality of Godzilla attack Mia in one day, and her unlikely neighbor comes to the rescue. Like it was her fault. And now, somehow, they find themselves engaged? Both agree, this neighborly feud just got taken to a whole new level.

Purchase:   Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble


      Mia felt Michael before she saw him. Like the ripples across the lake below, the air seemed to vibrate with his energy. And then he was close enough to see clearly. Not mad, thank goodness, but intense. Eyes narrowed, gaze never leaving her face, his intent was clear. She had no doubt in her mind what he was going to do. And while her ever-elusive shred of common sense squealed, “No,” every thing else in her shouted, “Bring it on.” 
      And bring it, he did, backing her up against the railing and taking her mouth with his before she could get a word out, not that she would have been able to string a cohesive sentence together after seeing that expression on his face. It was a look of desire, hot and insistent, just like his kiss. 
      The kiss in front of Jason had been toe curling, but this was something completely different.   Overwhelming. Everything melted away—the bridge, people in the park, even where he ended and she began—as he stroked her back with his talented hands, coaxing her passion with his lips and tongue.    When an involuntary moan escaped her, he answered with a groan and deepened the kiss. 
      This was the real Michael Anderson, not the calm, calculated one he’d chiseled from cold, analytical clay and wore like a mask to hide the real man. 


Marissa Clarke lives in Texas, where everything is bigger, especially the mosquitoes.  

When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, husband, and a Cairn Terrier named Annabel, who rules the house (and Marissa's heart) with an iron paw.  She loves to connect with readers, so follow/friend her on Facebook and Twitter or shoot her an email from her website "Contact" page. 

Author links:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads

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Book Blitz: Romancing the Wolf Boxed Set

Romancing the Wolf Boxed Set 
Publication date: June 30th 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance


Sexy and we know it! They’re on the hunt after your heart. Discover 10 brand new passionate tales of friendship, desire, wolves, survival, and redemption. Escape to another world, another place, and another romance…

Warning: Contains wild heroes and heroines, tempestuous passion, old secrets, new discoveries, and pack ties binding them together. Sometimes love’s greatest challenge is romancing the wolf…

Purchase:   Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble

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GWB Giveaway!
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Blog Tour: Shards by F.J.R. Titchenell & Matt Carter

By F.J.R. Titchenell & Matt Carter
Release Date: June 16, 2015 
 ISBN 9781631630187 
 paperback, 368 pages 


With a strong Lovecraftian bent, this is the continuing saga of ordinary human resistors who must sacrifice their normal lives in favor of fighting for all humankind

When autumn descends on Prospero, California, Ben Pastor hopes that the normality of the new school year may offer a reprieve from the town’s recent paranormal horrors. Mina Todd, however, knows all too well that there are no reprieves and no normality in this town, especially after she starts having crippling, unexplained hallucinations of the dead. But even she can’t prepare for what the coming year holds. On top of a brewing civil war that threatens all of humanity, inside the walls of Prospero High, Ben, Mina and their expanding network face a sinister campaign that aims to destroy their friendship, a newly human Haley Perkin struggling to readjust to life, and an assassin of untold power who is picking off human rebels. Ben and Mina’s one hope may rest with a mysterious figure hiding in the woods outside of town; a living legend who may know how to stop this dangerous new breed of supernatural foe. That is, assuming the figure doesn’t first kill everyone himself.

Purchase Links:   Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble

Lisa's Review:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.

I love being able to see from both Mina's and Ben's perspective. The alternating chapters from each of these POV's is awesome. Mina and Ben are very well developed characters. 

Mina really breaks out of her shell in this book and shows some true leadership skills. You can tell she still needs more confidence but she is pushing herself in the right direction. She continues to be this strong, courageous, independent character which I admire a lot. 

I felt so bad for Ben. He had so much happening to him in this book but he persevered. When others probably would have taken the easy route and remained loyal and did the right thing. 

I love that there was more of Aldo in this book. I've liked his character since the first book and so being able to see more of him was awesome. 

The action scenes were written in a way which made it easy to visualize what was occurring. Especially the last scene in the school. 

I can't wait for the next book.

Guest Post:  New faces to look out for in Shards

Ben and Mina have met a number of people, some human, some not, in the course of their adventures in Prospero, and though at the moment their core group only consists of them, Aldo, Haley and Kevin, the new school year will bring a new influx of people into their lives. Some of them may prove allies, some enemies. Some may prove human, some not. Either way, let us introduce you to some of the people they’ll meet in Shards who will play their parts, good or bad, in the coming year.

Courtney Haddad

Age: 17

Interests: Journalism and Politics. Senior Class President and Editor of the Prospero High student newspaper.

What's up with her lately: She seems to be the target of some unusually brazen Splinter attacks. These could be a trick to win her The Network's sympathy and confidence. Or she may simply be the first victim of changing Splinter tactics.

Greg Nguyen and Julie Kaplan

Age: 16

Interests: Each other, mainly. Julie's also a star student with a particular fondness for History and unusual fashion, while Greg favors conspiracy theories and breaking into cars.

What's up with them lately: They're back from a summer trip out of Prospero and not altogether thrilled with the changes to the Network's lineup in their absence. They're long-standing members, but can the other rebel humans really trust anyone who drops off the map so often, when the Splinters need only a few hours to replace a new victim?

Madison Holland

Age: 16

Interests: Cheerleading. Friends. Boys. The ins and outs of the social order of Prospero High.

What’s up with her lately: As always, Madison holds a spot near the top of the Prospero High food chain and isn’t all that interested in giving it up. Like many a girl at school she has her eyes on new kid in town, Ben, but is her interest purely romantic, or might there be something more sinister?

Mr. Finn

Age: 50’sish (he’s a teacher, it’s hard to tell)

Interests: Carpentry. Military history. Handcrafting medieval weaponry.

What’s up with him lately: Despite always having been something of an outcast in Prospero, Mr. Finn has no complaints. He loves his job, loves sculpting young minds, and loves that he’s never had to 100% grow up. Of course, given Prospero’s population of immortals who’ve never really grown up, he may blend in more than he lets on.

Patrick Keamy

Age: 16

Interests: Girls. Parties. Working out. Maintaining order. Classic movies. Girls.

What’s up with him lately: Once upon a time, Patrick may have been a bully, but he’s gotten a lot better, he swears! Now he just loves living the high life of being a rich, good-looking kid in a small town, rubbing elbows with the best and being one of the people to determine the school’s social order. Of course, if you cross him, you’ll find the darkness that hides behind his charm, and that his muscles aren’t just for show.

Robbie York

Age: 16

Interests: Theater, keeping on Patrick Keamy's good side, girls.

What's up with him lately: Sudden habit of saying multiple words at a time to Mina Todd. Either his tastes have suddenly broadened, or someone's putting him up to it. Who and why are another question.

About the Authors:   F.J.R TITCHENELL and MATT CARTER met and fell in love in a musical theatre class at Pasadena City College and have been inseparable ever since. Though they have both dreamed of being writers from a very young age, they both truly hit their stride after they met, bouncing ideas off of one another, forcing each other to strive to be better writers, and mingling Matt’s lifelong love of monsters with Fiona’s equally disturbing inability to let go of high school. Titchenell and Carter live in San Gabriel, California.

Author Links:

Twitter:   FJR TitchenellMatt Carter


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